Q&A with Dr. Parvathy

  • How Swami Nirmalandagriri Mahraj Influenced you?

My acquaintance with Swami Nirmalanandhagiri Maharaj began when I was pursuing my degree in Ayurveda. He led me into the vision that the scope of Ayurveda is much beyond a mere degree course. The days spent with him after the studies were very much valuable. The very first lesson I learned from him was that there are no sick people. The one who comes in front of the doctor is not a patient. He is a healthy human being. The very idea that he is a patient makes the man sicker. This situation is not at all welcome. The words that we enunciate are also equally important. The influence of words on people is huge. Words can heal as well as harm. Therefore Swamiji repeatedly reminds everybody who comes to him that they should not fear and that they are going to be fine. His method was simple but a sublime idea of making the “dis-easiness” into easiness. He constantly reminds that the learned modern man’s defective thoughts about development and a lifestyle that doesn’t match are the reasons for most of the diseases. He always stressed on the truth that if we lead a healthy lifestyle we can remain in good health. The state when the consumption of food is as important as the intake of medicines and living life without any bad habits is what Swamiji mean by “Maryadamasrnam”. The explanation he gives for ‘Maryadamasrnam’ is more of an elevated one. Not to be jealous of other people’s progress, not getting angry, etc are a part of it. I consider it a blessing that he paved my way of knowledge, wisdom, and philosophy. Swamiji imparted in me the confidence that the profession I chose is a noble and supreme one.

This could be called coincidental in every sense. After the death of Swami Nirmalanandhagiri Maharaj, there was an immeasurable void that could not be filled. At that time I met Dr.Dileep. He resides in my native place, Udayamperur near Vaikom. Until then I was unaware of his presence. By adhering to the modern scientific understanding he explores the immense possibilities of Ayurveda. When people like Dr.Hegde does a fearless narration of Allopathy, Dr.Dileep completely trusts the power of Ayurveda and he is very much committed to the work he does. He prioritizes the availability of medicines. The learned doctors, as well as the experienced and traditional among them, might diagnose the disease. They may even be aware of the ingredients in the medicines. But the unadulterated availability of these medicines is a problem. They must be able to use the medicines without any preservatives. Considering these factors, for the production and wide accessibility of the medicinal plants, Dr.Dileep cultivates them in 22 states all over India. It is not just a collection of medicines that work efficiently in the patients but also a great help for the farmers. He also gives medicines that contain elements in the right combination. The healing capacity of these medicines is appalling. I make use of his medicines in my treatments. He strongly believes that Ayurveda is not just a solace after experimenting with all the possibilities of Allopathy. Another of his quality is to instill peace in the patients. He changes their attitude towards the disease and makes them realize that the diseased state they are in is not something incurable. Dr.Dileep is actually a personification of the confidence I got from Swamiji.

  • Do you specialize in any specific treatment?

Ayurveda is more of a holistic approach, in which effort is made to support the mind, body, and soul so that it could take care of its health. An effort is made to identify and correct lifestyle changes so that you could lead a healthy life.

From a disease perspective, effective treatments are offered for Lifestyle disease like diabetes, hypertension, Thyroid problems, PCOD, other hormonal imbalances, and Infertility.

With the help of Ayurveda, we can significantly improve conditions like Autism, Cerebral palsy, Learning disabilities, and ADHD.

  • Are you involved in any other Activities ?

It’s my life long commitment to creating awareness among common people that Ayurveda has the potential to treat and cure almost all ailments and help people lead a peaceful life without depending on any medicines by identifying with their own being and reconnecting with our centuries-old culture. I conduct medical camps especially for the people from rural areas. Also, I work with a school for differently-abled children for providing treatment in improving their condition. I am always open to take up any opportunity for the purpose.