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I consulted Dr. Chandran Parvathy on Thursday, March 28, after a very painful fall on the coccyx. She examined me with great care, reassured me of the seriousness of the evil, and gave me Ayurvedic drugs that did me a lot of good. Although the area remained sensitive, I was able to walk without pain again after 3 days paying attention. The painful sensation at the point of impact disappeared in 8 days. I really appreciate that.

Laurence Delaytermoz
Laurence Delaytermoz lau.dela@lilo.org

I have been to many Ayurvedic doctors in Tiruvannamalai, and I consider Dr Parvathy to be the best. Why? Because she practices genuine Ayurveda which works, rather than some modern version of it which others seem to use.

Thomas White
Thomas White soyeso@gmail.com

Dr. Parvathy

I am under her treatment for the past 5 years now. And I am really happy with her treatment. I suffered from PCOs for the past 12 years and always had irregular periods and before her I used to take English medication for the same but it never solved my issues but increased it and it got worst. Those hormonal tablets would make me feel horrible.But in last 5 years even though there were irregular periods but the treatment was not that hard she always listened to my problems with patients and gave me simple home remedies which I can use any time anywhere.

I never felt i am under medication. I had BP issues which came as a part of POCs but how everything is normal.

For me she is more like a friend with whom I can share any of my feelings and issues and most of the time she has a simple solution for them.Thank you Dr.Parvathy for being with me always.

Similatha Pradeep
Similatha Pradeep similathapradeep@gmail.com

I had à profound, deep experience being take care by Dr.Parvathy through à dengue sickness. I dont how to qualify her pure sensibilitý, authenticity and dedication to my process. Her way is beautiful, caring, gentleman and centered. She I really in tune with arunachala and ramana maharshi teaching through Ayurveda this amazing science. Gratitude. I highly recommend. It s much more than consultant a physician to heal à symptom. She approach you in a global physically and spiritual way.

Florent carrie
Florent carrieflorent.carrie@yahoo.fr

After a serious illness and big operations… One year later felt like il never be normal again,…but after Dr. Parvati’s treatment’s, have brought me to a new “normal” . She has been a great help to my condition…



Hello mam….Parvathy mam is a great doctor .. Actually I had some problem in my stomach… I took treatment (English medicine) for 6 to 8 months…. But I don’t have the confidence that I would become perfectly healthy…. So I changed to Ayurvedic medicine …using those medicines prescribed by parvathy mam I see the changes in my body within 2 months …and now I m perfectly healthy because of her only…. Thanks a lot mam?….

 Sowmiya G
Sowmiya G sowmiya15022002@gmail.com

I had consulted Dr. Parvathy on 23/11/2020 for acute constipation ( and severe mouth ulcers due to that) which I have been suffering for more than ten years. She listened to me very patiently and was also probing me to obtain specific details regarding my food habits, sleep pattern etc. She had prescribed couple of ayurvedic tablets and also advised me on specifics . Within a week, I could see an increase in appetite and evacuation has improved considerably. I used to endure severe , large size mouth ulcers ( almost three or four every ten days) but in the last 50 days, there is a huge improvement and I have had very few mouth ulcers . wanted to convey my sincere thanks to Dr. Parvathy.

SANKARANARAYANAN vishan_abhi@yahoo.com