Currently, we are running our Vayidasala (Clinic) in Tiruvannamalai, Tamilnadu. We could guide you on treatment options for all kinds of health conditions. Also, we could refer you to Vayida’s ( Doctor), who could better handle your condition. For a precise diagnosis and remedy, the patient must come in person at least during the initial stages of treatment. If the treatment requires an extended stay and dietary restrictions, we will do the needed to arrange for you the same.

Camps & Awareness Programs

We conduct health camps in rural areas with the objective of introducing Ayurveda into their daily life and helping out people who are in need. If you would like to conduct/contribute, please get in touch with us at .

Ayurveda is considered as an alternative medical system nowadays. We aim to make people aware of the immense possibilities of Ayurveda and bring it back as a mainstream health system than merely an alternative option. Every medicinal system has pros and cons; it evolves with time and social changes, as does Ayurveda. If we could convey the message of Ayurveda to common people, we believe it will benefit the society in large and also is the only way to keep Ayurvedic practises pure and alive.

With the above aim in mind, we are creating, collecting, and organising materials and knowledge that we could share with common people in large and help them to live a healthy, happy life.