Sudhantha Chooranam – Tooth Powder

The day starts with cleaning our mouth. Everything we use in our mouth will reach our stomach. Do you want to start your day, feeding yourself with chemicals? So your tooth cleaning agent  should be a palatable one without any chemicals.

Ayurveda recommends using bitter, astringent taste herbs as a tooth powder to balances the Kapha Doha. Kids to old age people can use this herbal mix, which will even improve our overall health.

Daily usage of Sudhantha Chooranam will help you relive from all kind of gum troubles like Bleeding gums and Toothache. It will also help you correct your digestion. The powder is enriched with Arimedham, Triphala, Kadladi, etc.

Apply on your tooth and gums in Morning and Evening, give a light massage to your gums along with cleaning your teeth. Use it for 3 weeks continuously to start seeing results. Also, you should avoid using toothpaste.


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