Diabetes is very common nowadays. It is only a metabolic abnormality which changes in the functions of the body. Only lowering the blood sugar level is not the treatment line. Diabetes which is common now is not real diabetes (Prameha) which is mentioned in the Ayurvedic classical texts. Excess and frequent intake of junk food, Lack of physical activities/exercises, stress, the side effect of some medicines/treatments are the cause for diabetes. In most of the cases, an enormous production of Insulin will be there in the body but proper utilization of Insulin by cells fails. In such cases, Insulin injections are not the solution.

Here we will help you to correct your metabolism and will also help you to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Initially with less amount of medicine, proper diet, and physical activity we can treat your diabetes. Once it is corrected then you can live a healthy life without any medicines.


It is only a metabolic abnormality which changes in the functions of the body. Lowering the blood sugar level is not the treatment to be followed.

Skin Diseases

Prolonged and continues use of the faulty combination of food will produce a lot of skin diseases.Which includes, fruits with milk, fish with milk etc.


For a seed to germinate, the seed has to be good, the soil has to be rich, the climate has to be apt and sufficient water to be there.

Sleep Disorder

In Ayurveda Tristhamba’s (3 pillars) are mentioned. Aahara, Nidra and Brahmacharya. One who follows the 3 things mentioned properly can attain good health.

Menstrual Problems

Compared to olden days the intake of high calories junk food are more but the physical activities are very less, stress is also more for the women. All these will alter the digestion and hormonal functions.


In Ayurveda, we have very effective medicines which will cross our blood-brain barrier. With the help of such medicines in treatments along with other therapies will produce effective results in the long term.


The strength of digestive fire (appetite) has a direct link to one’s healthiness and immunity. You can come out from all diseases like Gout, Osteo, Ankylosing, Spondylitis, Lumber – Cervical spondylitis, Knee replacement cases, Avascular neurosis, etc. with just Ayurvedic oral medications.

Auto immune Disorder

An average human body contains approximately 37.2 trillion cells. All these cells are having mutual care, love and each has consciousness. If you are seeking an alternative treatment for Auto Immune diseases you have to widen your thoughts.


Frequent intake of Spicy, Sour and Potent food, fasting while one feels hunger, etc. will cause Gastric Ulcers. Taking treatment for acidity gastritis without correcting your food and lifestyle habits will also lead to Ulcerative colitis.

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