Skin Diseases

Skin plays an important role in immunity by protecting the body against pathogens. There is a wide range of skin conditions, starting from mild pigmentation to major diseases like vitiligo, psoriasis, etc.

Prolonged and continues use of the faulty combination of food will produce a lot of skin diseases. An example of a faulty combination of foods are

Combination of fruits and milk.
Combination of fish and milk.
Combination of milk and curd

Curd should not be taken in the night time and never use heated curd. One who is using curd in an above-mentioned way will suffer from different kinds of skin diseases, Fever, Anemia, Vertigo, etc.

The one who suppresses the vomiting continuously will suffer from Urticaria, Psoriasis, Pigmentation, Oedema, Anemic, etc.

Some skin diseases like vitiligo, Psoriasis are difficult to treat. It needs more follow up and prolonged treatment.

There is very effective treatment for all these skin diseases in Ayurveda.