Sleep Disorder

In Ayurveda Tristhamba’s (3 pillars) are mentioned. Aahara, Nidra and Brahmacharya. One who follows the 3 things mentioned properly can attain good health. Sleep during night time is very much important for healthy living.

Sukh – Dukha, Pushti – Karsya, Bala – Dourbalya, Purushatva – Klaebyata, Gnauna – Agnaana, Jeevitha – Mrityu; are all dependent upon the properly and improperly enjoyed sleep. Any anomaly in the sleep whether it is insufficient, excessive or irregular is likely to lead to disease and death.

Mental tension, uncomfortable bed, Dry foods, Malnutrition, any diseases, stressed lifestyles are the cause of lack of sleep. Prolonged loss or irregularity in sleep may produce lots of diseases and discomfort like headache, fever, vertigo, Oedema cough, drowsiness, diseases of the throat, common cold, aversion to food, rash and boils in the body, heaviness in the body, etc.

Properly enjoyed sleep keeps the body healthy and mind sharp and sound.