Menstrual problems

Early menarche and menopause, PCOD, irregular menstruation, uterine cancer, Fibroid, Breast cancer, Thyroid in females endometriosis, etc. are very common nowadays.

Bad food habits are the main reason for all these diseases. Our body is nourishing by the food which we take. Hormone-treated food, junk foods carbonated drinks, health awareness magazine, television serials have lots of bad impact on the body and its normal hormonal functions. New machinery makes our life easier.
We don’t use the olden grinding stone for grinding foods anymore. We have fully automatic washing machines for washing. We don’t have to sit or bending for cleaning the floor we have mops are cleaning machines for that. So all these lesser our physical activities. Compared to olden days the intake of high calories junk food are more but the physical activities are very less, stress is also more for the women. All these will alter the digestion and hormonal functions.

It is not possible to live without all the above-mentioned things. We will provide you Ayurvedic treatment for curing the diseases along with that we help you to choose a lifestyle which keeps you healthy and happy.

Duration of the treatment will be from 3 months -5/6 months (vary depends on the persons/severity of the disease).