It is our body that cures any disease, not medicine. The role of any medicine is to enable and support the body to cure disease. When we say medicine it could be the food we take, the environment we live in or even the thoughts we have. With this idea in mind here we will see some essential things one should know to manage fever effectively.

Nava jware divaswapna snana abhyanga anna maithunam |
krodha pravata vyayamam kashayam cha vivarjayet ||

Here are few things you must avoid when you have fever

But WHY?

According to Ayurveda  Jwara as a disease is originating because of the  impairment of digestive fire
(no hunger,No thirst & tastelessness)

While in jwara there will be blocked body channels, hence due to blockage of sebaceous gland there won’t be enough of sweating, also blockage affects normal bowel habits and create constipation; thus there will be increased temperature

Day Sleep

weakens the digestive fire and increases the kapha in the body, this causes heaviness in the body & indigestion.


as the digestive fire is very weak, the body can’t digest the food properly and may end up in indigestion and body producing toxins (called ama).

Bath & oil massage

these both are contraindicated in the presence of ama. As there is a blockage to sebaceous glands, anything we pour over the blockage can increase the internal temperature.

Sexual intercourse

makes the person more weak as it affects tissue metabolism and decreases the ojus ( body strength ).


Exposure to excess wind will again weaken your system and increases the vata dosha, which causes increase in dryness and body pain.


is mainly because of pitta dosha and is the fundamental dosha involved in all types of fever. Anger increases pitta and fever. Thus we become emotionally weak, that is why always we crave support while in fever


should be avoided because fever is indicating your body needs rest and ignoring such sign can end up in many other unhealthy conditions.


Kashaya Rasa – anything which is astringent in taste should be avoided, as it can increase the blockage of body channels and increase vata which can hasten the fever.

Look for these below signs and till then you avoid all those above.

  • Srista maruta vit mootram

    Proper elimination of flatulence, stool, urine.

  • Kshut pipasa asaham

    Intolerance to (craving for) appetite. thirst.

  • Laghu

    Lightness of body.

  • Prasanna cha indriyam

    Clarity of senses.

  • Ksheenat


  • Hridya udara kanta asya sudhi

    Lightness in heart and chest, comfort feeling in abdomen, throat & mouth.

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