12 Golden Rules For Foodies

1> Take food only when you feel hungry
2> Do not take anything if you are not hungry
3> Do not drink water or any liquids,fruit juices when you are hungry
4> Drink small quantity of warm or normal water during meals
5> Eating warm and properly cooked food which is light to digest and hot in potency
6> Do not reheat once cooked food
7> Always light and early dinner
8> Never ever take curd at night
9> Do not heat honey,never mix honey with hot/warm things
10> Do not take fruits and milk together
11> Divide the stomach into 4 parts
* 2 parts filled with food
* 1 part with liquid
* 4th part should be left empty
12> Always love what you take,share your food with others,be careful what you take

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