How To Intake Water

water is very essential for our existence.we consume it everyday.but still we dont know or there is lots of confusions about how much,when and how one should drink water.Ayurveda explained it meaningfully.

         one should consume it when he feels thirst.water can be consumed either before a meal,during the meal or after a meal.each one has its own effect on body.water consumed before a meal reduces the digestive fire and leads to emaciation.water consumed after a meal increases the kapha and leads to fatty body.water consumed during a meal maintains the body and helps in easy digestion of food.

1>hot water

2>cold water

3>boiled and cooled water

4>water boiled with herbs

these are the different forms of water which we can consume.each of these has different water increases the appetite and helps in proper is the ideal drink during a is good for treating fever,cough,indigestion,pain in the body,bloating of stomach,breathelessness,increases of vata and kapha.

cold water  useful in treating alcoholic intoxication,giddiness,dryness of tongue,burning sensation in the body,excessive tiredness,poison,haemorrhage and increased pitta.

boiled and cooled water lighter than cold water.itis good for three doshas(vata,pitta,kapha) and tiredness.but it should not be kept overnight for the next day use.this will increase the three doshas.

water boiled with herbs possesses the medicinal properties of the herbs which is used for boiling.for indigestion water boiled with dry ginger is good.for burning sensation or sour burps water boiled with coriander seeds is summer water boiled with usheera (vetiveria zizanioides) will cooles the body.

people suffering with poor digestion,anaemia,abdominal diseases ,diarrhoea,piles,diabetes,irritable bowl syndrome,diseases of eyes and throat,wounds,swelling in the body,should not drink much water.even when they are thirsty,should drink water only in small quantity.

when we are very thirsty,we should not drink water in will affect the digestive fire and hamper the proper digestion of food and increases the kapha and pitta in the should drink water repeatedly in small quantities.


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