Live a healthy life -with your herbal garden

Ayurveda and ayurvedic products are getting more popular in now a days. Ayurvedic medicines or products are mainly prepared with herbs. But we all know that as a part of our urbanization all those easily available plants became rare. And again we fail to identify these locally available plants so we don’t know the medicinal usage also. 

Now more people are growing their own vegetables. So my humble request to all of you is the same way start your own herbal garden. Different varieties of herbs, shrubs, creepers, trees are available-depends on availability of your land or space you can slowly start a beautiful herbal garden.

  1. As a part of making my own herbal garden me and my bestie Dr. Suchithra viswan had been to Ayur tree (adoor a place in kerala).76yr old unni samuel is the one who is taking care of rare and different varieties of medicinal herbs. He is very genuine and hard working person. I really appreciate his effort and passion. Those who interest to make their own garden can contact Ayur tree(https://ayur-tree-herbal-plants-nursery. app 9847237678,7306193184). They will help you in all the possible way.
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