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Is Hair Fall A Disease?

From the view of Ayurveda, we can understand that good and healthy hair is not merely indicating the healthiness of hair instead it gives an idea about proper tissue metabolism happening in our body especially bone tissue.

World Blood Donor Day

Doing bloodletting ( donating blood ) will help you to get rid of the impurities. You must follow a proper healthy food habit and lifestyle which will help you to produce healthy blood cells after donating the blood.

Summer Drinks: In a healthy way

Ayurveda gives importance to seasonal and locally available foods. That kind of food helps to build up immunity in us. So here I am giving recipes that strictly follow the Ayurvedic rules and regulations. Everyone should try these healthy drinks.

12 Golden Rules For Foodies

1> Take food only when you feel hungry 2> Do not take anything if you are not hungry 3> Do not drink water or any liquids,fruit juices when you are hungry 4> Drink small quantity of warm or normal water during meals 5> Eating warm and properly cooked food which is light to digest and […]

How To Intake Water

water is very essential for our existence.we consume it everyday.but still we dont know or there is lots of confusions about how much,when and how one should drink water.Ayurveda explained it meaningfully.          one should consume it when he feels thirst.water can be consumed either before a meal,during the meal or after […]

Live a healthy life -with your herbal garden

Ayurveda and ayurvedic products are getting more popular in now a days. Ayurvedic medicines or products are mainly prepared with herbs. But we all know that as a part of our urbanization all those easily available plants became rare. And again we fail to identify these locally available plants so we don’t know the medicinal […]